Thoughts on Family Prayer

In this post I present a few thoughts on family prayer within the “domestic church”, taken from the book that I have been reading, Rebuilding Catholic Culture, (2013, Sophia Institute Press), by Ryan Topping.

Without the memory of prayer in the domestic Church few find their home in the pew as adults. (p. 170)

* * *

While there are many guides to prayer (priests, monks and nuns, friends, etc.), the Catechism specifies the family as “the first place of education in prayer” (CCC 2685). (p. 175)

* * *

As John Paul II argued, “an important purpose of prayer in the domestic Church is to serve as the natural introduction for the children to the liturgical prayer of the whole Church” (FC 61). (p. 181)

* * *

The household has to be more than just a bus terminal where connections to other destinations are made. It has to return to being a center for meaningful activity. Education, work, prayer, nurture, and play are all essential functions belonging to the household properly ordered. (p. 185)

All quotations copied from the Kindle Edition.

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