“Pro-Life” Seminarians – !?

I was just checking on the activities for this year’s March for Life. In about a half an hour, the all-night period of adoration will begin in the Crypt Church of the National Shrine. As usual, groups of seminarians from the Eastern part of the United States will be keeping vigil each hour.

I couldn’t help but notice, however, that they are listed as “pro-life seminarians” on the Bishops’ web site.


That’s funny; I thought that all seminarians were pro-life! I’m hoping that this is just a case of redundancy – a pleonasm, if you will.

If not – Can we please make sure to get rid of the pro-abortion seminarians as soon as possible!? Thanks!

Pope Francis supports marches for life! Here is an article about his support for the Roman one last year, and the recent one in France.

Joking aside, I’ll be going down to celebrate Mass in a little bit and will remember all the Marchers there, as well as in my prayers throughout the day – particularly in light of the bad weather in Washington. I hope everyone stays safe! The March for Life is a wonderful event!

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