New Pro-Life App

From the Archdiocese of Los Angeles we have the great news of a new app for smartphones and tablets today, called “ProLife”. To find it,  you have to search for its maker on the iTunes Store or the Google Play Store. This is how the result comes up on Google:


From this article (my emphasis):

Archbishop José Gomez said Jan. 22 that the app, named “ProLife,” is “creating a network of prayer and practical support to help women facing crisis pregnancies.” […]

SmartphoneApp users can also broadcast requests for prayers for pregnant women and girls, as well as find contact information for all local pregnancy centers, pro-life action organizations, churches, and schools that are registered on the app. […]

Although southern California is best represented on the app, pro-life individuals, pregnancy centers and pro-life resources from across the U.S. will also be able to register.

So let’s start downloading this app, register our local crisis pregnancy centers and other resources, and put this app to work! Remember, search for “Options United” in your app store.

It sounds like a great idea and a wonderful way to take advantage of current technology for the good of persons and the spread of the Gospel.

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