A beautiful and precious image of the “pietà” that I recently photographed in a church in Slovakia. Our Lady of Sorrows is the patroness of the Slovak nation. They have beautiful images of her in so many of their churches. This one is carved in what I think is a Central European gothic style.


When Christians of all times and places turn to Mary, they are acting on the spontaneous conviction that Jesus cannot refuse his mother what she asks; and they are relying on the unshakable trust that Mary is also our mother – a mother who has experienced the greatest of all sorrows, who feels all our griefs with us and ponders in a maternal way how to overcome them. How many people down the centuries have made pilgrimages to Mary, in order to find comfort and strength before the image of the Mother of Sorrows…!

– Pope Benedict XVI, Homily at Etzelsbach, 23 September 2011

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