Big News in France

Last month, in the United States (population 313.9 million, according to Google), around 500,000 people (give or take) marched on Washington in defense of human life. There were additional marches in other cities with tens of thousands participating as well. These are not small numbers, and it should send a clear signal that Americans are not going to back down on life issues!

This afternoon, however, in Paris, the same number of people – official estimates place it around 500,000 – marched in defense of the family. This is extremely big news, given that France’s population is roughly one fifth of that of the USA (about 65.7 million, according to Google)! Moreover, in terms of land area, France is only about the size of Texas! Tens of thousands also marched in other French cities – for example, some 40,000 were reported in Lyon.

Beautiful Paris

As I said, they were marching in defense of the family. They are resisting moves by the French government to impose homosexual “marriage” on France, moves to redefine the family, and a number of other connected issues. In a radically secularized country such a France, this is surely big news. Read more about the protests here.

Félicitations !

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