Breaking News from France

The famous image of Our Lady of Victories, in its eponymous shrine in Paris.

I reported yesterday about the overwhelming success of the pro-family demonstrations in Paris and beyond.

This evening the French media are reporting that the leftist government announced that they will not pursue any law concerning the redefinition of the family in the 2014!

The leading line for this article (in French) says that “after the success of Sunday’s demonstration, the Left seems more embarrassed than ever concerning societal questions”.

This is wonderful news and a reminder to us all of why it is important to get involved in these difficult battles and always maintain hope. So often it seems like the other side has the victory, yet we see in situations like these that it is possible to sway the outcome. Dedicated pro-life advocates in the United States know this and that is why they continue to lead the March for Life every year; that is why so many, every week, go to pray in front of abortion clinics and offer sidewalk counseling and other support. But abortion is not our only problem: we are also facing the redefinition of the family and related issues.

We must not give up!

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