A Church That Is Rarely Open

There are a number of churches in Rome that are hardly ever open. The reasons vary, but in any case, I am always hopeful that I’ll be able to get into them some time and see what they are like.

The other day I was enjoying the beautiful weather and went for an afternoon walk. And I found that finally – after I don’t know how many times walking past it in the last two and a half years – that the Church of Santissimia Trinità degli Spagnoli (The Most Holy Trinity of the Spaniards) was open.

Here is what it looks like from the outside:

A slightly concave facade. The interior is in an elliptical shape.

The street that this is on – Via Condotti – goes to the Spanish Steps. In fact, as you are entering the church, if you look to the left you can see the steps at the far end of the street, with its large church at the top (which is also dedicated to the Most Holy Trinity).

Here is the main altar. It is the most beautiful part of the church’s interior:

The altar/sanctuary has its own dome above it. Neither the lighting nor the angle were suitable for photographing it well.

Finally, here is the ceiling. As I said, the church is in an elliptical shape.

The central image is of St. John of Malta in glory.

I won’t tag this church in the Lesser-Known Series, since when you come to Rome, there’s a pretty high chance that you won’t find it open. In any case, there are far more impressive churches in the area to visit, one of which is practically across the street and which I will be featuring soon.

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