John Paul I on Indissolubility

* * *

During his brief 33-day papacy, Pope John Paul I also taught on the indissolubility of marriage, a topic which I just posted on a short time ago.

Here is an excerpt from his address to Bishops of the United States of America, on September 21, 1978:

Our own ministry is so vital: to preach the world of God and to celebrate the Sacraments. It is from them that our people draw their strength and joy. Ours too is the role of encouraging families to fidelity to the law of God and the Church. We need never fear to proclaim all the exigencies of God’s word, for Christ is with us and says today as before: “He who hears you hears me”. In particular, the indissolubility of Christian marriage is important; although it is a difficult part of our message, we must proclaim it faithfully as part of God’s word, part of the mystery of faith. At the same time we are close to our people in their problems and difficulties. They must always know that we love them.

* * *

More papal and other quotations on this important theme to come.

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