The St. Peregrine That We Know

While out and about after my class this afternoon, I stumbled upon a chapel dedicated to the St. Peregrine that we are most familiar with – not that “other one” that I posted about recently!

As usual, it was rather dark in the church. The painting above the altar shows St. Peregrine being healed by Christ; he is patron saint of cancer patients because he himself was healed from cancer. You can also see the large frames filled with silver ex votos on either side of the painting: it appears that the prayers of many who sought the saint’s intercession here were answered.

Sigh. They need to decide if that is an altar or a plant stand.

This chapel is located in the Church of St. Marcellus on the Corso (San Marcello al Corso), just around the corner from where I live. That is the same church that has this gorgeous ceiling that I recently posted about (the first of the two ceilings in that post).

Tell you what: we all know people who have cancer and are seeking a cure, or who have survived it and are praying that it never comes back. Why don’t we take up a collection of prayer intentions for those people? Send them to me using the form below; I will print them all on single sheet, bring them to this chapel, pray for them there, and then leave the sheet on the altar. I plan to do so before Ash Wednesday, so send in your intentions soon.

UPDATE MARCH 1, 2014: Thank you to the 25 people who sent in a total of 73 names for my prayer list. I will go to the church, to the altar of St. Peregrine, and remember them soon. I am also adding some of my own names (family, friends, et al.) to the list.

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