New Vocations Website for Birmingham

I just received news that the Diocese of Birmingham has a new vocations web site –


Be sure to give it a look, and note that you can “follow” it via Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus as well. My classmate, Fr. Rick Chenault, is the vocations director, and with the help of Fr. Vincent Bresowar and several others, is doing an excellent job in promoting vocational discernment in the diocese.

Be sure also to read prayerfully the page about the Burse Fundclick here to see that. It is not inexpensive to “make a priest”; costs are similar to out-of-state tuition for a major university, and it really adds up. Moreover, there is the necessary element of seminarian turnover, as some discern that they are not truly called to the priesthood – a sign that the process is working. So not all of the money spent results in a new priest. Therefore, your support is needed. The Burse Fund relies upon small monthly donations from a large number of people (it used to be $1/month, I don’t know if they still advertise it that way). See if you can’t give a small amount each month to support this crucial fund that helps to secure the future of priestly ministry in our diocese. Every little bit helps! Thanks!

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