Last Non-Lenten Friday

Maybe you are in the habit of doing some other penance on Fridays. No matter, Lent begins next Wednesday (a day of fasting and abstinence), and next Friday all age 14 and older are obligated to abstain from eating meat! A reminder!

Read about the rules concerning fasting and abstinence on this page.

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2 Responses to Last Non-Lenten Friday

  1. Bob Boffa says:

    Canon 1252 All persons who have completed their fourteenth year are bound by the law of abstinence; all adults are bound by the law of fast up to the beginning of their sixtieth year..

    This would be as a penance. It would be like asking me not to breathe….for it is these Holy Fridays of lent which offer, even us old folks, to do alittle more for and in memory of Christ. Though we offer something every Friday, it is these which separates and sets us apart. This is but another small way to give Glory, Praise and Honor to our King. (just my thoughts of this 61+)

    • I’m not sure if I fully understand your comment, but in any case I would say that yes, while adults after age 59 are not required to fast any more, many (perhaps the majority nowadays) are still quite capable and so it is quite a good idea for them to continue so doing until their health and condition makes it no longer advisable. We all need to do a great deal of penance.

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