Oldest Cardinal

The oldest Cardinal received his red biretta (“the red hat”) today; he is 98 years old and was not able to make it to Rome for the ceremony last weekend; as he himself said: “I’m not strong enough and I feel uncomfortable at the thought of meeting so many people”. So Pope Francis sent a Cardinal-delegate to bring the red hat to him.

Loris Francesco Cardinal Capovilla was born on October 14, 1915. He is most famous for having been the personal secretary to Pope John XXIII – “Good Pope John”, beloved the world over, who opened the Second Vatican Council, and will be canonized a saint this coming April 27th here in Rome. After Pope John died, Capovilla went on to be named a bishop by Pope Paul VI. You can read more about Cardinal Capovilla here.

Congratulations to the new – and now oldest – Cardinal of the Church!

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