Penance without Prayer

I read somewhere – perhaps on Twitter – “Fasting without prayer is dieting“. That is a very good point!

But we could say that penance, in general, should not be without prayer. If we are doing a good Lenten penance it should be difficult. Yes, we may have our little lapses; we may have our little “falls” and have to start again. But in the end, the whole thing will be a lot easier if we make it part of our prayer, offering it to the Lord and asking of Him the strength to make the offering. Then, we will be less likely to have those lapses to begin with… but if we do lapse, it will be easier to start again, with humility and peace.

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5 Responses to Penance without Prayer

  1. Magdalena says:

    Tell me about this painting! It makes me wish I could offer better sacrifices.

    • It’s called “The Penitent St. Jerome” by Matthias Stom (some spell it Stomer) and is in the Musée des Beaux Arts de Nantes! Other than that, I can find nothing about it. Apparently Stom(er) was a caravaggesque painter. I check the Nantes museum’s (terrible) web site and couldn’t find any descriptions of the painting on there, only the fact that they have it.

  2. Magdalena says:

    Made it my desktop for Lent.

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