Last time I did a poll it didn’t get much of a response. Let’s try again. This one is easy.

Did you go – or are you planning to go – to Stations of the Cross in your local parish today?

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9 Responses to Stations?

  1. I said no – the reason being that tonight our region is having the Rite of Election, and it is being held at our parish this year. I’m the pianist, so I have a fair bit of work to do to help prepare for and then play it tonight, in addition to regular family duties (like making supper).
    Hoping to get to do the Stations some other Fridays during Lent, though.

  2. Analda Anglin says:

    Yes! Setting up for it right now.

  3. Nancy Morgan Jr says:

    Yes Bernie plan to go to Stations each Friday. I am really enjoying your daily blogs. Thanks. Nancy

  4. Flannery says:

    I said yes, but find I’m unable to go because there aren’t any at a time I can make it to in the area. I hope maybe next week my schedule will work out better! (I did make it to Mass this morning, though.)

  5. pat kilgro says:

    I went tonight at olv ft.Payne al.

  6. Marge Smathers says:

    Wasn’t able to make it this week due to other commitment, but plan on going the upcoming Fridays. Yes, it is a very special devotion considering that we get Benediction and receive the Eucharist afterwards.

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