Pope on Retreat

As I mentioned yesterday, the Holy Father is on retreat this week, along with various curial officials (cardinals, bishops, priests). Here is a photo that was released showing him seated amidst the crowd at one of the first retreat meditations:

One of our American Cardinals, Raymond Cardinal Burke, is seen entering through the doorway in the background of the photo.

The retreat has historically been held in the Apostolic Palace. However, the problem was, not everyone treated it like a retreat: maybe they went to the meditations, but then they went back to work afterwards (some of them). So Pope Francis decided to hold it someplace else. They are in a retreat center south of Rome, in the area called the “Castelli Romani”, not far from the Papal Villa of Castel Gandolfo.

Here is a 1-minute video (in Italian) with images of the Holy Father’s arrival in bus to the retreat center, along with some shots of their prayer in the chapel there:

Pray that the Pope and those with him have a holy and fruitful Lenten retreat!

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  1. hashtagcatholic says:

    Pope on retreat. Does this mean he will not answer our texts and emails right away?

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