Great Cathedral Mystery

Over at Amy Welborn’s blog, I took note of this interesting-looking program on PBS, about the great dome of the Cathedral in Florence, Italy, which was at the time an engineering marvel, and remains such:

Click this image to go to the site. Then, by clicking on the same image on their site, you can load the video to watch the program.

She highly recommends it. Unfortunately, I can’t view it here in Italy, due to regional copyright restrictions or some silliness. Here is a 30-second trailer. Looks great:

I note from Amy’s writeup that Fr. Timothy Verdon provides some of the commentary. He is a top-notch art scholar. I concelebrated Mass with him once in Florence. He is a gentleman.

See, not everything on PBS is evil.

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One Response to Great Cathedral Mystery

  1. María Sackmann says:

    Dear Father Jerabek, everything you publish is magnificent, you have such a spirit, love for ART.. in capital letters… I cannot watch the DVD , since in my country, Argentina, I find the same resrictions ypu found in Rome..did I tell you Pope Francis was my Archbishop here in Buenos Aires” ??? I usually print your more than beautiful photos.. thank you, Father, God is blessing you..

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