A New Old Prayer

I recently learned a new prayer in Latin, which is very beautiful and easy to learn. One of my favorite professors this semester (who teaches an elective) says it at the end of our closing prayer. I’ll write it below, then translate and explain.

The prayer is, “Nos cum prole pia benedicat Virgo Maria”. In an old prayer book you would probably see it printed it like this —

V/. Nos cum prole pia:
R/. Benedicat Virgo Maria.

— with the leader saying the “V” part (verse) and everyone responding with the “R” part (response). That is how we do it in school.

Before I translate it, listen to how it sounds in this little recording I made. Those who like their Latin with rolled Rs will forgive me for being incapable of so-doing:

Finally, here is how it translates into English:

May the Virgin Mary bless us with her holy Child.

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