Get Ready


St. Benno, patron of fishermen.

Get ready – tomorrow is a Lenten Friday, so we must abstain from eating meat. There’s still time to go to the store and stock up on grilled cheese supplies!

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  1. hashtagcatholic says:

    No meat, you say? It’ll be tough, but I’ll try.

  2. Therese says:

    Should we not observe Ember Friday, Father, and thus both fast and abstain?
    I read (on my calendar, published by Tan) that US Bishops strongly recommend fasting on all Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays of Lent, but most especially on Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

    • Current Church law does not require us to observe any of the Ember Days. Any choice to do so is on one’s own. Does TAN cite a source that explains what the Bishops want? I have never heard that.

      Even those who prefer the traditional Latin Mass are only bound by current law — they are not bound to follow the fasting rules that may have been in place in 1962. I’m not sure that these calendars (developed by private individuals and not by Bishops) accurately reflect that fact. Wanting to follow some of the older rules can be laudable but it is simply not required right now.

      Would be interested to know more about this Wednesday/Friday/Saturday thing — that is, if they actually provide a source for that claim.

      • Therese says:

        Your Reverence, indeed, they cite “NCCB statement, November 18th 1966” which I misstated (can’t depend on my memory! I found the actual recommendation too hard and decided to only observe the Wed, Fri, & Sats of Lent). From the TAN “Saints Calendar” (emphasis mine), “The Bishops of the U.S. have stated that ‘self-imposed observance of fasting on ALL weekdays of Lent is strongly recommended.’… Fasting on Holy Saturday is specifically recommended by the Church.”

      • Right, that statement has the character of a moral exhortation but not of a law. (I also cited that document on my blog, where it spoke of Advent as a penitential season, something you rarely hear nowadays.) There is some document (perhaps it is that one — I can’t remember) that also recommends that Ember and Rogation days be retained, etc. Unfortunately, very few of these exhortations made it into the current law, and as far as the exhortations go, very few of them have been repeated either. We are free to undertake them — some of these things, such as taking on additional fasting, I would consult with my confessor about — but we are not required to do so. Right now, the rules are: fasting and abstinence on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, abstinence on the other Fridays of Lent, and the rest of the Fridays of the year, abstinence or some other penance. (There are age ranges for fasting and abstinence, not everyone is required to undertake it.) We are never required to abstain from meat on a Solemnity.

      • Therese says:

        Rev Father,
        Gratias Deo et Mariae, I think I am having a good Lent thus far because I met with my Confessor (oh am I blessed with a holy and learned Pastor!!) prior, for his approbation and counsel on Lent. He assigned me to a great saint as companion as well, the Magdalena.
        I do not think the current law of fasting and abstinence is enough to mortify our indulged bodies. This sermon on Audio Sancto did much to inform this opinion,

      • I agree about the current law. In any case, it’s what we have for now, and all else is left up to individual discretion, with prudent guidance.

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