A Name Day

Today*, March 19th, the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, is the name day or onomastico of Joseph Ratzinger – Benedict XVI. Happy name day, Holy Father! Say a prayer for the Pope Emeritus today.

Do you celebrate your name day (assuming you have a saints name, or at least took one when you were confirmed)? Celebrating name days is a wonderful thing to do in the domestic church.

Here is something else having to do with the domestic church, to think about on this feast of St. Joseph. These words were spoken by Pope Benedict XVI in a homily given in Africa on this feast day in 2009 (with my emphasis):

Dear fathers and mothers here today, do you have trust in God who has called you to be the fathers and mothers of his adopted children? Do you accept that he is counting on you to pass on to your children the human and spiritual values that you yourselves have received and which will prepare them to live with love and respect for his holy name? At a time when so many people have no qualms about trying to impose the tyranny of materialism, with scant concern for the most deprived, you must be very careful… Brothers and sisters…, you who have received from God so many human virtues, take care of your souls! Do not let yourselves be captivated by selfish illusions and false ideals! Believe – yes! – continue to believe in God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – he alone truly loves you in the way you yearn to be loved, he alone can satisfy you, can bring stability to your lives. Only Christ is the way of Life.

God alone could grant Joseph the strength to trust the Angel. God alone will give you, dear married couples, the strength to raise your family as he wants. Ask it of him! God loves to be asked for what he wishes to give. Ask him for the grace of a true and ever more faithful love patterned after his own. As the Psalm magnificently puts it: his “love is established for ever, his loyalty will stand as long as the heavens” (Psalm 88:3).

St. Joseph: pray for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI; pray for all fathers and mothers; pray for all people named “Joseph”; pray for us!

* It was already 3/19 in Rome, when this posted.
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