Review: New Prayer Resource

handbookofprayersI have long had a link on the sidebar of the blog – visible to those who are browsing via a desktop PC or via desktop mode on a mobile device – for the Handbook of Prayers, which I think is one of the best well-made and affordable prayer books out there. The one that I link to is the “Student Edition”, which is basically the same as their “regular” edition except that it does not include the prayers also in Latin.

This little book covers nearly all the bases: from explaining what prayer is to providing the basic (and traditional) prayers for daily and occasional use; from the order of Mass to how to say the Rosary (with holy images and meditations to help). It even explains how to baptize in an emergency, which every person should know how to do. And the foregoing is a very brief overview – there is much more. I would say that it is much more than a prayer book: it will enrich your knowledge and practice of the Catholic faith.

For those who like to use a Kindle or other e-reader, there is good news: the Handbook of Prayers (regular edition) is now available in that format as well. I’ve already downloaded it for my Kindle.

Here is a screenshot of how it looked when I loaded it on my Nexus tablet:

It seems to have all of the same beautiful artwork that can be found in the print edition.

The text can be enlarged as desired for your reading comfort – something I appreciate with my atrocious eyesight. I also see that it is enabled (again, this is in the Kindle version) for “text to speech”, a feature that I do not use, but may be useful for some.

As I said, the “regular” edition also includes a number of the prayers in Latin. In the print version, the Latin is on facing pages. However, I noticed that the Kindle edition simply has links to the Latin prayers, which must be kept in some sort of otherwise-hidden appendix (ooooh). So you don’t even have to browse past the Latin prayers if you don’t want to.

The Kindle edition can be purchased through, so that it will download automatically to your device: LINK FOR KINDLE EDITION

The other e-editions (PDF e-book and ePub [Nook]) can be purchased directly through the publisher’s web site, Midwest Theological Forum: LINK FOR OTHER E-EDITIONS

It is also available as an iBook, which I suppose has to do with the mysterious world of Apple®. So for those of you into that sort of thing, here is the LINK FOR iBOOK

With Confirmation Season approaching, the print edition of the Handbook of Prayers would certainly be a good gift to buy. I emphasize the print “student” edition in that case because most teenagers already spend too much time with a screen and need to discover the joys of reading real books. LINK FOR THE PRINT EDITION (then click the link for the new editions – I have had good service from Adoremus Books, but you can also get it direct from the publisher, Midwest Theological Forum, through that page)

Finally, if you would like a better idea of what exactly the book includes, click on the link for the Kindle edition above, and then take advantage of Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature. You will be surprised what a great resource this prayer book is.

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