Special Prayers Today

This afternoon I finally made it back to the nearby church of St. Marcellus with your special intentions in hand, which I collected a few weeks back – for current cancer patients or survivors, to be placed at the altar of St. Peregrine. As I said in the email that I sent to the 25 people who sent me over 70 intentions, I prayed for each intention by name and then left those intentions on the altar there. I also added a few of my own, for family members and friends.

I left the list of prayer intentions behind that pot of flowers on the plant stand altar, so hopefully it will be there for a while. I lit the two candles in the foreground, one for patients, the other for survivors.

Afterwards, I went to the also-nearby Basilica of the Holy Apostles, a regular stop, to pray for some other intentions I had received. In the crypt, I saw that they’ve set out busts of Saints Philip and James on top of their tomb. The busts contain relics of the saints. So now we have their tomb, containing their mortal remains, with busts on top, also containing their mortal remains. I love it.

All of this is behind an iron grate, before which you can kneel to say your prayers.

Let us continue to pray for each other!

A note to those who have sent me prayer intentions in the past few months: I just noticed that when I hit “reply” on those messages, it no longer defaults to the email address of the sender, but to a WordPress “do not reply” address. Who knows how many messages I have responded to, where it went into WordPress’ black hole instead of to the intended recipient! Please know that I pray for all the intentions I receive, even if you have not gotten a reply from me, due to the above technical issue. 

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