Club Sandwich

I had a “club sandwich” for lunch today, at a place that serves – so they claim – “typical American street food” (and other American dishes). See if you think this is a club sandwich:

Three pieces of bread: check. Everything else: ?

The top layer consisted of sliced hard-boiled eggs, a lettuce leaf, and some of their special sauce, which I think was mayonnaise-based, but was thinner than mayo, and was pretty mild.

The bottom layer consisted of melted white cheese (not American, fairly flavorless, basic mild cheese), ripe tomato slices, thick-sliced turkey, and more of the special sauce.

Overall, it was really very delicious, but not really what I was expecting!

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9 Responses to Club Sandwich

  1. hashtagcatholic says:

    When Italians eat here in America do they say the same things about our Typical Italian Fare?

  2. Isabel Oliveras says:

    Que bien se ve ese club sandwich!! Disfrutelo!!

  3. GEorge Casazza says:

    Don’t club sandwiches have bacon on them. I see no bacon.

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