Language of Love

Bishop James Conley of the great Diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska has published a pastoral letter entitled, The Language of Love. It is on the topic of the Church’s teaching about marital love, and specifically, the use of contraception.

I highly encourage all to read this brief and very fine pastoral letter (CLICK).

You can also listen to the Bishop reading it:

Please share this information with your friends as well – even non-Catholics. There are sharing buttons at the bottom of this post.

Contraception is wreaking havoc (and has wreaked havoc) on our culture, on many levels. The prophecies of Pope Paul VI in his historic (and controversial) document “Humanae Vitae” have come true in our own time. We must be courageous and work to reverse this funest societal decline by being faithful to God’s plan for love and by helping others to know about it as well.

Take a look at Bishop Conley’s letter, or give it a listen!

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