Happy Insecurity Laetare Sunday!

From the Opening Antiphon for today’s Mass:

Rejoice, Jerusalem, and all who love her…

The traditional name of this Fourth Sunday of Lent, Laetare Sunday, refers to that first word of the opening antiphon, which in Latin is “lætáre”. Hear how the word “laetare” is pronounced:

This is one of the two Sundays a year where it is permitted to use the liturgical color called “rose”, which is often something along the lines of pink or salmon. Here is the (new!) rose chasuble that was laid out in our sacristy this morning:


I celebrated Mass at St. Peter’s early, and there they had purple chasubles out, which makes sense given the impracticality of maintaining a large supply of rose chasubles for just two Sundays a year. But many other priests who could wear rose today will choose to wear purple instead… for reasons of insecurity?

I engaged in some speculation about this on a previous occasion – click here.

Hopefully you’ll see rose vestments in your parish today! In any case, Happy Sunday!

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