Prayer for Lighting a Candle

Last night when I went into the chapel the sanctuary lamp was about to burn out. So I went and got a new candle for it. I was surprised to see the prayer that was printed on the outside of its plastic wrapping.

Translated, the prayer says –

O Lord, may I be present in this candle, which consumes itself before you.

That seems to me like a good prayer to say whenever you light a candle in church!

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5 Responses to Prayer for Lighting a Candle

  1. Bob Boffa says:

    Beautiful! If our hearts may sing that prayer as well!

  2. Marge Smathers says:

    Unfortunately, there aren’t many churches left in the US where you can light candles.

  3. hashtagcatholic says:

    I love that! Thank you for sharing this. Every time I visit a Church with votive candles, I take a photo. We were just discussing today the best place at the Cathedral for rows of votives. Let us know if you ever want our input on this subject in more detail.

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