Sistine Ceiling

A bonus picture to add to my previous post about the Sistine Chapel: a photo of the ceiling.

Notwithstanding the blurriness (worse around the edges) and light glare, it gives you a pretty good view of about 2/3 of the chapel ceiling, narrating the Creation of the World, with various prophetic figures and others round about.

I used to post a lot of ceiling photos on Facebook (before I deleted my old account); I should probably post some more of those here as well.

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2 Responses to Sistine Ceiling

  1. Brian E. Breslin says:

    Father, I had a poster of this across the ceiling above one of my dental chairs. After several patients pointed out that several panels were close to or actually pornographically suggestive, I took it down.

    • Interesting you should say that – I was talking about that subject with a friend after we had been there. There is really nothing pornographic in intent or display about the panels, unless we equate nudity with pornography. But that is what tends to happen in American culture now, since we have such a sexualized and objectified view of the human body and of nudity. It was prudent for you to take the poster down because many people cannot see a non-pornographic nude painting now without having to struggle with certain temptations. But this is part of our own cultural baggage — i.e. it is not a normal or a healthy thing — which is not shared by other cultures. Every culture is in need of purification in various ways! Ours, between puritanical prudishness and pornographic supersaturation, is way off-kilter when it comes to a healthy view of the human body and the much different ways that it can be portrayed.

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