Veiled Images for Passiontide

Here is a cell phone snapshot of some of the veiled images in a church in my hometown, where I am visiting right now. The colors aren’t quite right – the veils were definitely purple.

With covers that were made to fit each image. Nicely done.

With covers that were made to fit each image. Nicely done.

Are the images in your parish veiled? With purple or with another color? Have they been veiled since last Sunday (the Fifth Sunday of Lent), for all of Lent, or just since today, Palm Sunday?

A Blessed Holy Week to all. I will be home for another couple of days then traveling elsewhere for the Sacred Triduum, so posting will likely continue to be light.

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5 Responses to Veiled Images for Passiontide

  1. hashtagcatholic says:

    They’ve been veiled since last Sunday at the Cathedral.

  2. Brian E. Breslin says:

    St. Catherine’s, Father?

  3. hashtagcatholic says:

    Nothing veiled at OLS except for the altar. No statues or crucifixes or those big honking angels.

  4. CGreen says:

    Our Lady, Help of Christians parish in Huntsville, AL has had the crucifixes, statues, and relics veiled (with violet) since Passion Sunday (5th Sunday in Lent).

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