Good Friday

Come, sweet cross – this I desire to say –
my Jesus, let me have it always!
Should my suffering ever prove too great,
you will help me to bear it.

– Aria “Komm, süßes Kreuz” from Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion”

Today – one of only two days a year – is a day of fast and abstinence. In the face of all that our Savior did and continues to do for us, the Church commands us to do this tiny, bare minimum: to eat only one full meatless meal, with the addition of two smaller (meatless) snacks if needed. (Fuller explanation of the law here.)

Today is a fitting day for us to be silent, as much as possible. Silence includes not only sounds that we emit but sounds that we take in. Do all that you can to have time for prayer and reflection on this important day. Being quiet is not easy for us nowadays: but do it anyways and offer it up as a penance.

I am planning to concelebrate Mass tomorrow evening in Westminster Cathedral, and I will offer it for your special intentions (i.e. it will be a “group intention”). Please feel free to submit them using the form below. To the list of intentions that I receive through this form, I will add the general intention, “And for all the other special intentions of those who read this post on my blog.”

I pray that you have a blessed and prayerful Paschal Triduum!

Thank you to all who submitted Mass intentions.

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