Vocations Retreat with Good Nuns

Yesterday we celebrated the feast of a great Dominican saint, Catherine of Siena, and today we celebrate the feast of another great Dominican, Pope Saint Pius V.

Since we are celebrating Dominicans, then, it is a good time to promote Dominican vocations. The good Sisters of the Cloistered Dominican Monastery of St. Jude in Marbury, Alabama, where I have made at least two personal retreats, have emailed me the following flyer (click to download the PDF):

Click image to download PDF.

I recommend these sisters very highly. They live a beautiful cloistered life of prayer for the Church and they are faithful to the Magisterium. They have a beautiful devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and the Blessed Mother, under the patronage of St. Jude.

If you are a young Catholic woman still unsure about your calling in life, and could get to this vocation weekend, What is there to lose? I urge you to give it a shot and see what God has to say. Don’t you want to be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy in the next? Then you have to do what He wants, and it could well be to become a Dominican nun!

If you are not a young Catholic woman still unsure of your calling, please pass this information along to someone who is. We all have a role to play in helping others to find happiness.

THIS PAGE has more in-depth information about this vocational retreat.

THIS PAGE has information about the fascinating history of this monastery.

THIS PAGE has information about how you can support them, which I urge you to do.

THIS PAGE has information about how you can participate in the spiritual works of the nuns.

And THIS IS THE MAIN LINK for their site, so that you can explore all of the additional information on there and get to know these fine sisters.

Me with the nuns for my September 2012 retreat.

Me with the nuns for my September 2012 retreat.

The nuns also asked me to promote this workshop for priests that will be held in Nashville July 8-10: The Priest as Disciple of Christ and Alter Christus. Looks like an excellent conference for priests!

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