Updates on Blessed Rolando Rivi

I’m pleased to report that of the initial order of 2,000 holy cards that I had made for the Italian seminarian martyr, Blessed Rolando Rivi, only 50 remain in my possession! The rest have been distributed to places like the US, the Philippines, Italy, and even Mauritius. They have gone to individuals, seminarians, convents, and a Cardinal.

When I was home before Easter I picked up another order of 2,000 cards, so I am prepared to continue mailing them to those who request them (click). I am especially grateful to those who have donated: they have lightened my burden a bit so that I can mail cards also to those who cannot donate, but would like to spread this devotion all the same.

If you’re viewing the blog via its “desktop version” (normal, non-mobile version), then on the right side you see a bunch of odds and ends, from my Twitter feed to links to blog categories to… a page about Blessed Rolando Rivi. In the past, that image just went to a search result page. But now I have linked it to a proper index page that catalogs my various posts about him.

So, if you haven’t learned about Blessed Rolando Rivi, or want to read about him again, I encourage you to click the image (which is also copied above) and “learn more”.

Blessed Rolando Rivi, pray for us!

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