Black Mass at Harvard – Communion in the Hand

Various blogs today are reporting about a “black mass” that is to be held at an institution connected with the once-great, but now-lost, Harvard University. (For example, see here.)

Fr. Finelli has rightly observed one of the things that is at the root of this problem: communion in the handSee his excellent post here.

Satanism seems to be on the rise throughout the West, but many people naively still hold on to the idea that “black masses” and such are things that really don’t happen, that they are legends, that they are only in movies, etc. No. They do happen. And the reception of Holy Communion in the hand makes it even easier – and more common – for people to steal the host and use it for such nefarious purposes.

Fr. Finelli also rightly points out that many priests who worry about such things are quickly dismissed as uptight, “rigid rubricists”. I would add that people also accuse such priests of being “scrupulous”. Neither accusation is in any way founded.

No, communion in the hand – I am more and more convinced – is a bad idea that has not contributed to greater devotion towards the Holy Eucharist. On the contrary! As Fr. Finelli points out, many people do not receive properly in the hand, no matter how much they are instructed. I can confirm this from my own experience. It is simply a bad idea. There is also no historical precedent for the manner in which it is currently received in the hand.

Read my previous post about this topic here. And be sure to read what Fr. Finelli wrote.

And please, whether you agree with me (and Fr. Finelli, and MANY other priests) or not, PLEASE say a prayer of reparation for this horrible thing that is happening in Massachusetts. This “black mass” is publicly known; but there are many others that happen unbeknownst to us. Whether a consecrated host is involved or not, these ceremonies are always very grave evils, outrageously offensive to God and all that is holy, and they always put immortal souls in danger of being eternally separated from God in hell.

Perhaps we can all, as an act of reparation, make a resolution always to receive Holy Communion reverently on the tongue! At the very least, let us take some time in prayer to console our Lord and beg that he bring the offenders to conversion. May Our Lady of the Rosary and Blessed Bartolo Longo attain this grace for them all!

* * *

Want something more substantial to read about the problems with communion in the hand? Read this short and excellent book by Bishop Athanasius Schneider.

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As this is the sort of topic that tends to get some people really worked up, I may not post every comment received, especially if it is evident that the commenter did not read both my previous post and Fr. Finelli’s post, both linked above. Think and read before you comment.

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