Our Lady of Luján

Photo I believe is from last year.

Pope Francis venerates the famous image of Our Lady of Luján when it was brought to the Vatican last year.

In addition to being a major feast day for the famous Marian Sanctuary of Pompeii, today is also the feast of Argentina’s national patroness, Our Lady of Luján (pronounced “lu-HON”). In the town of Luján, which is about an hour’s drive west of Buenos Aires, there is a great Basilica dedicated to Our Lady under that title, with its famous image venerated inside.

According to the Italian print edition of the Vatican’s newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, the Holy Father offered his Mass this morning for the people of Argentina on their feast.

A few years ago I visited this wonderful Basilica in Argentina. For some reason I have no photos of the visit, else I’d share them here. But I remember seeing sick people being wheeled up to the church in their wheelchairs, while inside there were racks of crutches left as ex votos by those who had been healed. It is a beautiful place of faith.

Image from Wikipedia

Image from Wikipedia

Read more about Our Lady of Luján here.

Our Lady of Luján, pray for us!

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