Feast of St. John Nepomucene

As Gregory DiPippo at the New Liturgical Movement points out, today is the old feast of St. John Nepomucene (Nepomuk), a great saint from what is now the Czech Republic; sadly, however, his feast is not on the universal calendar.

As Gregory explains, he was put to death for refusing to violate the Seal of Confession; the king (Wenceslaus IV – not to be confused with “Good King Wenceslaus”) had him thrown off the Charles Bridge in Prague in the year 1393. St. John’s fame spread far and wide. As such, his image is seen on bridges all over Europe.

Here is a statue of St. John Nepomucene that I recently photographed in Bruges, Belgium:

And indeed, it was on a bridge.

And indeed, it was on a bridge.

And here is his statue on the beautiful Charles Bridge in Prague:

Dramatic sky that evening.

Dramatic sky that evening.

St. John Nepomucene, pray for us!

[read Gregory’s post for more information about the saint]

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2 Responses to Feast of St. John Nepomucene

  1. Brian E. Breslin says:

    A great saint, indeed, Father. But his namesake, John Nepomucene Neumann, is my favorite saint after St. Joseph. John Neumann helped me get through dental school and I have a framed picture of him hanging bedside. I am a Philly boy and was able to visit the Neumann shrine at St.Peter’s Church in North Philadelphia often during school. So January 5 is a big day every year around this household.

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