Portable Altar Update

Back in January I posted on the topic of portable altars. Interestingly, people regularly arrive at that blog entry via search engine, which makes me think that there might be quite a few priests out there interested in such altars.

See the original post here.

I was interested, then, to see that Father Zuhlsdorf has acquired one of the altars featured in my post, and has posted a very favorable review about it today. Read it here.

If you know a priest who regularly celebrates Mass outside the parish – in nursing homes, for example – and you might have the means to help him acquire such an altar, please consider doing so. It’s always so much better for Mass to be celebrated on a proper altar than on the back of an upright piano (as I had to do for a while), or on a table at which the ladies will be playing bingo a few hours later.

Here is the site for the gentleman who makes these beautiful and practical altars. He is using his great talent to provide a wonderful service.

Note that he can also make wayside shrines for your property! What a beautiful Catholic thing!

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