Parish Vocations Prayer

This vocations prayer, which I saw on the New Liturgical Movement (see Fr. Z for the original version), is very inspiring. I plan to adapt it somewhat and have prayer cards made to be used daily in my future parish assignment.

Does anyone have a suggestion for an image that might go on such a holy card?

(I adjusted it for “you” and “your” instead of “thee/thou” and “thy”.)

Leader: Let us pray for vocations.
All: O God, we earnestly beseech you * to bless the Church with many priests, * brothers, * and sisters, * who will love you with their whole strength, * be faithful to their vocation, * and gladly spend their entire lives * to teach your truths, * serve your Church, * and to make you known and loved.

Leader: Bless our families, bless our children.
All: Choose from our homes * those who are needed for your work.

Leader: O Mary, Queen of the Clergy,
All: Pray for us. * Pray for our priests, seminarians, and religious. * Obtain for us many more. * Amen.

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