Graffiti Correction Taskforce

Sometimes I wish I had a can of spray paint with me so that I could correct erroneous graffiti. Here are two egregious graffiti mistakes I’ve seen in the same number of days:

1. The word “your” needs to be crossed out:


2. It’s”Dei”, not “De”:


O tempora! O mores!

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5 Responses to Graffiti Correction Taskforce

  1. Analda Anglin says:

    There’s a scene in the movie “Life of Brian” that addresses this concern 😀

  2. Brian E. Breslin says:

    Well, Father, if the second graffitus were a mix of Irish and Latin, then this could be correct. That is because Dé is the genitive of the word Día, the Irish for God.
    As far as the post from Analda above, it has always bothered me to no end that such a blasphemous opus has been titled with my wonderful name.

  3. Naomi says:

    Perhaps I should take some spray paint to the graffiti across from the kindergarten, now that Miriam is reading…

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