Feast of Our Lady of Humility

Today is also the Feast of Our Lady of Humility, the Madonna that is venerated in the main chapel of our residence for American priests here in Rome.

The image that is venerated in our chapel.

The image that is venerated in our chapel.

This is just a local feast for our chapel, and by visiting it on this day we can obtain a special plenary indulgence. But I was delighted when I was reminded yesterday about this, to know that it coincides also with the feast day for my new parish.

Here is a photo of our chapel. You can see the image of Our Lady of Humility in the illuminated shrine above the altar:

And click here to see a photo of the spectacular organ screen in the chapel.

Our Lady of Humility, pray for us!

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One Response to Feast of Our Lady of Humility

  1. jzpd says:

    Once again, beautiful images of places my husband and I are unlikely to visit. While you must be looking forward to your new assignment, no doubt somewhat reluctant to leave such a beautiful place. And thanks for the info on St. Barnabas – we get our fair share of hailstorms here, will invoke him next time the skies turn green.

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