Our Lady of the Rosary and of the Family

A few weeks back, when I visited Venice, I happened upon the church where then-Cardinal Luciani, later Pope John Paul I, preached his wonderful homily about the rosary. He gave that homily at a time when many in the Church were feverishly trying to throw out the old and usher in the new, as if our beautiful (and centuries-old) traditions no longer had any value. In this sense, his homily was prophetic, for – thanks be to God – we have been re-discovering so many of these older traditions in recent times, and realizing that we need them more than ever.

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The church that he preached in is formally called Our Lady of the Rosary, but is commonly called “I Gesuati” (The Jesuates), the name of the colorful religious order that originally founded it (the religious order was suppressed in 1668). Since they were sent packing, it has been run by the Dominicans, who are great champions of the holy rosary. Here is a photo of the beautiful altar of Our Lady on the left side of the church:

Note that Jesus and Mary have been crowned.

The rosary is especially effective (and perhaps even easier to pray) as a family prayer. In this regard, I highly recommend the advice that Taylor Marshall gives on his blog on praying the family rosary. The family that prays together, stays together. Does your family pray the rosary on a regular basis? It should.

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