A Church, A Dessert, A View

I am enjoying a brief visit to Germany* before returning home. Today we drove through part of the Rhineland, very scenic.

Here is an altarpiece in a church we stopped to see called the Rheingau Cathedral (although apparently it is not really a cathedral), located in the town of Geisenheim. This altarpiece was carved in the year 1480 and depicts the Epiphany, as the Magi present gifts to the Christ child:

Here we have my dessert at lunch, which featured a fruit I had never seen before. My sources tell me that it is called a “cape gooseberry” or a “ground cherry”. Apparently it is often used as a garnish on desserts:

Finally, here is a view from the Abbey of St. Hildegard of Bingen, looking down the hillside which is covered with vineyards. It was a gray and hazy day but the views were still gorgeous:

In my rush to get out of Rome I managed to forget my computer’s power cable, so we’ll see how many more blog posts I can do before getting home and getting a new cable.

*I had never visited Germany to this point. I definitely hope to come back and see more of it. I have also never been to Spain, so that is on my list. Then, I hope to see more of France (I’ve only seen Paris and Lourdes) and Austria (I’ve only seen Vienna and some small towns in that part of the country). Three years in Europe but still much left to see!

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4 Responses to A Church, A Dessert, A View

  1. hashtagcatholic says:

    Well, I’ve never been to England… (actually I have.)

    The countryside and gooseberry cake are lovely, but I like the altarpiece the best.

    You can post entire blog entries from the WordPress app on your phone or tablet.

    [htc then tried to share a youtube link, but this is what I got when I tried to load it:]

    • Yes, I have posted from my mobile devices many times. However, since the cameras on them are deficient, it’s only useful for posts that do not include photographs.

  2. Rosanna says:

    Hello, Fr.Jerabek. I am a Navajo living on the Colorado River Indian Reservation in Arizona, U.S.A. Upon returning to the Catholic Church last year, I came upon your blog. Since then, I have lived vicariously through your travels. I have also learned a lot more about the Churchs’ history and traditions through your blog. I am able to add my 2 cents during conversations with the more knowledgeable Catholics. My sister (a Penecostal/Evangelical) went on a missions trip to Italy last year. It is now my goal to make one of the pilgrimages. Again, thank you for sharing.

  3. Sara says:

    St. Hildegard is my confirmation saint so it is so great to see the view from her abbey. Thanks again for all your interesting posts…also, our parish just welcomed Fr. Kevin Butler…a classmate of yours. We feel very blessed!

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