Pope Francis and Pocket Gospels

Pope Francis likes to promote the practice of having a pocket-sized book of the gospels to carry around and read during downtime. He has promoted it on various occasions in Rome (see here, here, and here), and even today he mentioned it during his brief stop in the city of Caserta, located near Naples, Italy.

As I expected would happen, a version of the book that he gave away for free in Italy has now been produced (not for free) in English, here in these United States.

Click the image to go to the book’s page on Amazon.

It might make a nice gift! Could be just the thing for that person who is about to head off for college!

Incidentally, I’ve been monitoring this book on Amazon for about a week now; the quantity remaining in stock is usually low (or it is out of stock), but it replenishes quickly. So, even if it is out of stock if and when you go to order it, place your order anyway and it should be fulfilled quickly.

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