Murphy Bed

My rectory has a “Murphy Bed”, in what is now an office. That’s the type of bed that used to flip down out of a pocket in the wall, or in this case, a closet. This room used to be the housekeeper’s quarters (it’s a single room, with a bathroom attached).

Who needs capital campaigns? We have a Murphy Bed for sale!

Who needs capital campaigns? We have a Murphy Bed for sale!

Is it still possible to buy these? I wonder how much money we could get for it? Would anyone even buy it!!?

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6 Responses to Murphy Bed

  1. Mary Kaye Gubenski says:

    FOCUS missionaries will take furniture or any household goods. The missionaries need to furnish their house.


  2. Bob says:

    Not much Father, but you could donate the mattress and frame to SVdP and then use the are for a shallow storage closet.

  3. fatherhorton says:

    Perfect for napping between boring meetings.

  4. Colet says:

    Yes you can buy them. We have one in our activity room – wonderful spare bed for unexpected guests. The frame is several hundred dollars. Google it and see current price. What you could get second hand is another story.

  5. Susan Fay says:

    Can ;you believe Thomas is in the process of converting an old garage of ours into a little one bedroom apartment. He is planning to build a murphy bed, but yours might work out perfectly! We can discuss later.

  6. Bee says:

    I don’t know if they could install it, but this would be great for studio apartments, where there’s no room for a sofa (or sofa bed) or for those tiny rooms in homes where someone would like to be able to put a bed, but wants to use for a home office.

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