Our Lady of Sorrows

Today we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. It follows upon the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross and is closely connected with it. Our salvation came through the cross of Christ, through his sacrifice on the cross, and Our Lady was closely associated with his sacrifice. She was no detached bystander; she was intimately involved. In today’s gospel we hear how Our Lady kept vigil with her Son as he hung dying. And before Jesus died he gave St. John to Our Lady as her son. We can imagine how this only increased her suffering – it made the reality of her son’s impending death even more acute, as he now entrusted her to another. And so we say that Our Lady cooperated in the redemption in a very real way. The suffering that she experienced was profound and it was profoundly united with that of her Son. All of us, for our part, have a share in the cross of Christ as well. We all have a cross to bear; sometimes more than one, it seems. Our Lady stands beneath our crosses as well, bearing her share of the burden of suffering. She stands with us as Jesus entrusts us to her as well. Today we should reflect on our relationship with Mary, who stands silently in our own lives just as she did in Christ’s. She is there for us, as our mother. Let us always remember to turn to her in our every need.

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