May God Bless America

May God Bless America

Sorry for the lack of new material lately; I simply haven’t had much inspiration. Life has been hectic and when there is downtime, nothing has bubbled to the surface that is blog-worthy.

Anyway, on Tuesday we will have our biennial opportunity to exercise our right and obligation to vote. At the risk of sounding a bit brimstoney, might I add that we will have to answer to God for how we vote? On this feast of All Souls, I sort of wonder how many people are doing “extra time” in purgatory, in part because of bad voting decisions that they made? May they rest in peace! In any event, voting is a matter that we should take seriously.

Indeed, we should be grateful, in the first place, to live in a country where we can (still?) vote, and where we can make our voices heard. Then, with gratitude – even if we also feel a fair amount of cynicism about the current state of our politics – we should exercise our right and do our part to effect positive change. The other thing is, we need to be holier. Holiness can produce a lot more cultural change than political machinations. 

Fr. Frank Pavone has produced a helpful 10-step guide to “Voting with a Clear Conscience”, which I am happy to link to here [click here to download]. I also provide a link [HERE], for those who live in Alabama, to the Alabama Citizen’s for Life voting guide. If you are in another state, just search for “pro-life voter guide” for your state and chances are decent that someone will have posted something online.

WordPress also has some sort of Voter Information Tool, and I am taking the risk of embedding it in this post. If I find that it isn’t a reasonably impartial tool, I will edit this post to remove it. Here is their thing:

When we enter the voting booth it will be just us and our consciences – no more campaign ads, no more slogans, no friends or peers influencing our choices. We need to do the right thing. In this regard, I also am happy to link to this excellent resource from EWTN. Let’s all get informed and go out and vote this Tuesday!

Let us pray.

God, Almighty Father, at the moment of our conception you loved each of us into life. You loved Mary wondrously in her Immaculate Conception, preserving her from inheriting the sin of Adam through the foreseen merits of the Savior. You prepared Mary in her conception to be the Mother and partner of your Son and our loving mother. Give all people an ever deeper reverence for your presence and creative action in human conception. Help all to recognize the evil of abortion and contraception, and all sins which offend our Creator God. In Mary’s maternal embrace, may every American foster reverence for human life in our nation. We ask this through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

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