I Do Refuse

I always enjoy reading interviews with and books by Bishop Athanasius Schneider, a great defender of the Holy Eucharist and orthodoxy; a great scholar; a great bishop. I have written about him in the past in conjunction with the topic of communion in the hand. So naturally I was eager to read his latest interview, which has been posted at the blog Rorate Caeli. It is spectacular. He is talking about all the political intrigue that happened at this year’s Extraordinary Synod on the family, including old heresies concerning marriage and family issues that forcefully have been re-asserted even by eminent Cardinals. It has been a scandal to Catholics and other people of good will throughout the world… but fortunately there have also been bishops who have courageously stood up and defended the truth – including Bishop Schneider, Cardinal Pell, and Cardinal Burke, to name just three from the circle of those who speak English.

There is one excerpt, in particular, that I would like to share from Schneider’s interview:

Cardinals, bishops, priests, Catholic families, Catholic young people have to say to themselves: I refuse to conform to the neo-pagan spirit of this world, even when this spirit is spread by some bishops and cardinals; I will not accept their fallacious and perverse use of holy Divine mercy and of “new Pentecost”; I refuse to throw grains of incense before the statue of the idol of the gender ideology, before the idol of second marriages, of concubinage, even if my bishop would do so, I will not do so; with the grace of God I will choose to suffer rather than betray the whole truth of Christ on human sexuality and on marriage.

And a question: Are you prepared to say these same words? Will you choose to suffer rather than betray Christ?

These words had a great impact on me when I first read them, and I keep coming back to them over these last few days. But I am happy to make them also my own.

With God’s grace, I do refuse to compromise on the truth; with God’s help, I will suffer rather than betray Christ!

Thank you, Bishop Schneider, for your inspiring example and teaching. I hope that many will listen and will repeat these words with you as well.

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