Friday Abstinence Dispensation

I recently came across this fascinating snippet from the past: back in the 1960s, when companies were still trying to respect their clients’ religious beliefs instead of downplay or ignore them, Trans World Airlines (TWA) petitioned the Holy See for a dispensation from the Friday Abstinence (from eating meat) Rules for its Catholic passengers. (It received the dispensation.) This was because it would have been too complex for the airline to prepare a special in-flight menu just for Catholics and just for Fridays. So their solution was: see how to respond to the needs of Catholics while respecting their rules. Nowadays, I’m afraid the response would be more like, “We’re sorry you Catholics feel that way, but we’re not changing a thing!”

I would provide a screen shot of the article, but they have copyright notices on it and they seem like they mean it. So I will link to it instead. See the archived article HERE.

Keep in mind: those were also the days when airlines served real meals, cooked on board!

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