A Recipe for Your Christmas Menu

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

During my three years in Italy I tried a number of delicious dishes, but there is one, which I had towards the end, that really stands out in my mind – for its wonderful flavor, and great simplicity. It is Risotto alla Milanese. What makes this dish is the saffron.

In fact, I was reminded of this plate last night when, during our community dinner after our celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, I had some Spanish-style rice with saffron. It definitely wasn’t risotto – but it brought me back to that wonderful Italian dish.

This Food Network recipe seems about rightThis one will work also.

Need saffron? You won’t find it in your local Winn Dixie or Publix (at least here in Birmingham). Amazon’s got it, though.

Maybe this dish would be an interesting addition to your Christmas menu?

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