Christmas Decorations

Here are two recent shots of my two parishes. This is more or less how they will look until… January 11! Remember that Christmas is just beginning!

St. Barnabas:

and Holy Rosary (which could REALLY use your year-end help!):

(January 11, 2015 is the Baptism of the Lord and liturgically, the end of Christmas.)

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9 Responses to Christmas Decorations

  1. Colet Schmidt says:

    These are beautiful little churches. If anyone can breath new life and keep them up and running it is Fr. Jerebek. Merry Christmas

  2. hashtagcatholic says:

    So beautiful!

    You said that liturgically the end of Christmas is Jan. 11, the Baptism of The Lord. What about Jan. 6, Epiphany, or Feb. 2, the Presentation of The Lord? Why do some people say those dates are when Christmas a Season ends. Why? And why are they wrong?

  3. Brian E. Breslin says:

    Merry Christmas, Father J. I see, from this picture, someone from St. Raphael’s in Kittery might feel quite at home in St. Barnabas. It is amazing to see the similarity in architecture between the two Churches. There are obvious differences, but…
    A blessed Christmas Season to you and your people!

  4. rkwmccoy says:

    St. Barnabas and Holy Rosary may not be large churches, but they are beautiful and I agree with Colet that you are clearly one of a couple of priests that I would choose to re-energize these churches. Their interiors are a model of beauty that I wish we would have followed in other churches. Merry Christmas father on the 3rd day.

  5. Lisa and Dave McCord says:

    We are really looking forward to celebrating the Christmas Season that begun on Christmas Day. So many people decorate early and are ready for it to all be done on Christmas Day, but that time is Advent, not the Christmas Season. The Church’s Liturgical calendar makes perfect sense…if a woman is expecting a new baby, the celebration BEGINS on the day the child is born and continues forward. The celebrating doesn’t end on the day of the birth. Why should it be any different for Jesus’ birth? Let the celebration continue!

  6. M. Edith Lugo says:

    Que lindos se ven los arbolitos con las luces, debe tener un buen equipo que le ayuda… Felicidades!!! Estoy en Mexico, en Leon. Saludos de mis hermanos. H, Edith.

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