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A photo of our historic high altar at Holy Rosary Church that I took a few months ago.

A photo of our historic high altar at Holy Rosary Church that I took a few months ago.

Today, December 31, 2014, is the last day to be able to donate to Holy Rosary such that we can get a 1% match by the PayPal Giving Fund! (See original post here.) It’s also the last day to make a tax-deductible charitable contribution for the 2014 tax year.

I am so grateful for the response that we have received. As of this writing, we have received $8,125.33 in contributions. Of those, the breakdown is as follows:

$1,455.40 to help fund our Food Pantry (this pays about two months of expenses!)

Our Food Pantry distributes food to approximately 1,000 individuals (330 households) each month. Our parish is located in one of Birmingham’s most afflicted neighborhoods, Gate City, and our clientele continues to increase.

$1,010.00 to help fund our upcoming Reading Room project, aimed at increasing literacy among the young people that come to our after-school program. (It will also reflect our Catholic identity.)

We have encountered children who attend local public schools with A’s and B’s on their report cards, who even in the 3rd grade still do not know how to read basic words like “family” – for some of them, their level of literacy is so low that they can’t even sound out part of the word and guess what it might be.

$329.68, which has already been spent to purchase a new Benediction Set (cope and humeral veil), to replace our extremely deficient and worn-out current set. We have adoration once per month currently, with plans to add it as often as once per week this coming year.

It is exceedingly important that our apostolate be rooted in prayer, so that we keep our Catholic focus, discern what the Lord is calling us to do, and do not become activists.

$3,010.48, which has gone towards the order of a new set of altar candlesticks, an altar crucifix, and a missal stand. We currently have two very basic oil-filled candles on the altar, and a too-low wooden missal stand (it’s really meant to be a bible stand that one might use in his or her home), and a very small wooden altar crucifix. None of these items match.

These items are expensive but they are essentially a lifetime investment. With proper regular care, these items, made of bronze, will last far longer than any of us will live to see. And they are of the level of quality that befits the altar of God.

$2,319.77 towards the purchase of a monstrance with a Trinitarian motif that is found in some details on our historic high altar. Later, a tabor stand (the little table that raises the monstrance up for better viewing) will also be purchased, subject to future fundraising.

This is another item that will last longer than we do, with proper care. Its noble and simple beauty will edify those who spend time in adoration, and give glory to the God we adore.

What this means is, as of this writing (about 12:30am on 12/31 – tomorrow I get to sleep in!), we are just $480.23 shy of being able to purchase the monstrance (total cost $2800). I am confident that on this last day of fundraising, we will receive the funds necessary!

I would like to take this opportunity also to thank some people who made donations without including an email address or other contact information – all I have is a name. So, thank you to I.O., M.D., C.W., and L.D.!

In the near future I will announce the date for our first Mass for Benefactors, at which I will pray for all of your special intentions.

To those who may be concerned that this blog is going to become a pulpit for ongoing fundraising, please be assured that is not the case. This was a special opportunity that arose, I felt it was one that we should take advantage of, and thanks be to God, it has indeed been an instrument of his providence for us and our mission, which we strive to carry out for his greater glory.

Again, many thanks!

If you would like to share financially in our mission and make a 2014 year-end gift, please click here.

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  1. Colet Schmidt says:

    Father we read the blog because we appreciate what you have to say and know that you will pray for each and everyone of us. You are a very special priest that cares for your flock. If we want to donate to your causes, its because we want to. I personally do not mind you letting us know the needs of your current mission.

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