The Results Are In

I have tallied the donations received as a result of my “winter campaign” for Holy Rosary Parish (original post here) – whether through the PayPal Giving Fund, through our regular PayPal button, by check, or in person – and I am very pleased to present the final result:



Thank you to all! We now have funds to cover about five months of expenses for our Food Pantry (which distributes food to over 300 households monthly); we have a total of $1,111.00 to add to the seed money for our Reading Room project; we have been able to buy new vestments (inexpensive yet noble and appropriate for Holy Mass), including a benediction set; we have been able to purchase the monstrance that I wrote about; we are acquiring new candlesticks, as well as a matching altar crucifix, missal stand, and holy water bucket (I’ll have to post a photo sometime of our existing holy water bucket…); etc. And I have a good amount left over to put towards our Youth Program and some of the other items that I mentioned.

I will announce soon the date of a special series of Masses for the intentions of our benefactors and friends! And once all the liturgical items are in I will do a photo post!

Thank you from Fr. Jerabek and all of the Parishioners of Holy Rosary Catholic Church!

Thank you from Fr. Jerabek and all of the Parishioners of Holy Rosary Catholic Church!

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6 Responses to The Results Are In

  1. mmfollbaum says:

    You are an amazing fund raiser, Father Jerabek! Thanks be to God! I can’t wait to see the photos! God bless you.

  2. Carolyn says:

    Praise God! What a phenomenal finish for some very worthwhile causes. Thank you for your work in that community and your witness to us all! I’ll be heading to parts of England, France and Rome in 3 weeks and will be sure to pray for you, your parish and community in the many wonderful pilgrimage sites and churches I will visit!

  3. Analda Anglin says:

    Wow!! God Bless all those who donated and those who will benefit from these donations!

    (I need some lessons from Fr. on how to raise money.)

  4. rkwmccoy says:

    I am really glad you got the monstrance. I struggled with that one because it is such a beautiful piece and yet rationalizing its cost against some of the other projects seemed extravagant. It’s part of God’s plan though and I know its in great hands. Pieces like that belong in holy places, not auction yards.

    • Thanks Bob. I think that, in general, worshipping God requires a greater investment of us — of our resources and, more importantly, of our very selves. Helping others in various ways can be more immediate and more gratifying. But we can’t have one without the other. So I am glad that we got the monstrance — and I am grateful for all of the other donations as well.

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