Did St. Thomas Say That?

There are various quotations often attributed to St. Thomas Aquinas that are false. One that is circulating on the social networks pretty heavily today (to the shame of Catholic Vote, which is promoting it, even after it was brought to their attention that it’s false), is “Sorrow can be alleviated by good sleep, a bath and a glass of wine”.

St. Thomas did NOT say that.

My friend, Fr. Geoff Horton, debunks it here on his helpful blog, Fauxtations:

St. Thomas Aquinas and remedies for sorrow [CLICK!]

Another one, often attributed to him, but he didn’t say it: “Drink to the point of hilarity”. I won’t debunk that one here, though. Hopefully Fr. Horton will do so soon. Follow his blog!

St. Thomas Aquinas, Pray For Us

St. Thomas Aquinas, Pray For Us

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